20 Years of Career Advice


A twenty year veteran of the entertainment industry, Karyn Spencer began her career as a talent agent. After working for Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks, she became VP of Branded integrations at the first-ever influencer agency called theAudience, founded by Sean Parker and Ari Emanuel. From there, she was the Head of Creators for Vine at Twitter, and once Vine closed, she went onto lead celebrity and influencer partnerships for AT&T; and then Target. Now, as Senior VP of Partnerships at Whalar, she oversees harmonious creative collaborations between brands and talent of all kinds.

Karyn Spencer joined us to host an event called Make Us Richer: 20 Years of Career Advice, A Successful Woman’s Perspective. With years of experience at a variety of companies, Karyn offers the career advice she wishes she had been given in her early twenties. She shared how she has managed to remain relevant, persevere in an ever-changing industry and how she found the perfect career path for her. She will tell us everything she wishes she was told along her journey to success.

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