A Great LinkedIn Will Get You Hired

LinkedIn is one of the first places an employer will look.
Follow our guidelines to put your best foot forward.

Start with the Headline

Your headline is a great place to be creative and summarize your strengths in one sentence (or even a few words!). Plus it’s a way to stand out from the crowd. Did you know that you can add emojis here too? Check out a few real examples we found in our talented network.

Show Off

This is not the time to be shy. Make sure to list all of your accomplishments inside and outside of work. These are all ways to set yourself apart.

  • Did you know that you can request recommendations from people you’ve worked with?
  • Do you volunteer? You can list your volunteer experience in its own section.
  • Make sure to list WIIM in the accomplishments section as an organization you belong to.

Jobs From Long Ago

Do you wonder if that job from college is still relevant to keep on your profile? Admittedly our answer will change depending on where you are in your career. If you’re recently out of school, most employers will understand you’re not going to have years of relevant experience but it’s your job to help them connect the dots.

Think about the roles you’re applying for. Does the role require copy writing? If so, make sure the job descriptions in your profile have a clear voice.

Does the role require you to have a good eye for design? Maybe this is when you can list that waitress job, but mention how you helped revamp the menu, not prepare the food.

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