Diversity is the Future

Be the change you want to see

Sweeping Changes

Influence comes with big responsibility. As an organization that reaches so many people we feel it’s our responsibility to use our influence for good. We have always been an organization that is passionate about breaking boundaries for women (duh, it’s in our name) but we recognize that there are certain women who have more boundaries in their way than others.

We’re talking about influencer marketing practitioners as well as influencers. It’s about time that women, regardless of their skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, or anything else are included in opportunities that they are otherwise fully qualified for.

Big changes take a lot of work and we’re eager to get our hands dirty. We are dedicated to aligning ourselves with change-makers who have experienced these set backs firsthand so that we can learn, pay it forward and enact change via education and inspiration.


We support the management companies who are advocating for diverse talent every day. We will encourage and support them in getting better rates, more opportunities and working with inclusive brands. 

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Have you experienced discrimination in our industry and you’re passionate about changing it? No matter what your ethnicity is, we would love to have you as an advocate. Please apply below.


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