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Julian Greene

Head of Creator Partnerships,


Julian Greene has been a trailblazer in the creator economy for over a decade. She commenced her journey by working with venture-backed DTC beauty and plus-size clothing brands, notably GLOSSYBOX and Dia&Co. Here, she honed her skills in developing best-in-class influencer campaigns that were laser-focused on brand growth and customer acquisition. From there, she saw a big gap in the creator economy, so she went out to build her own influencer-first marketplace, where she and her team of 10+ managers helped teach creators how to build successful businesses. While building Blogist, Julian and her team also built a tech-enabled project management tool that allowed creators to run their paid campaigns. Following the acquisition in the Fall of 2022, Julian assumed the role of Head of Creator Partnerships at Flagship. She now spends her time focusing on creating tech solutions that will allow creators to make their own Flagship stores, a shopping destination where they can curate products from their favorite brands, all in a store they own. Beyond her achievements, Julian stands as a prominent female voice across social media and podcasts, spearheading discussions about the expansion and evolution of the creator economy.


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